Don't Miss Julia, Claire and Catherine Tap Dancing Tomorrow!!


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Jun 24, 2008
05 October 2008
Don't miss our presenters tap dancing!
For canes, top hats and lots of fun, tune in to the Morning Show at 9am on Monday to see Julia Roberts, Catherine Huntley and Claire Sutton perform a tap dancing routine!

Tap dancing was the most popular challenge in our 15th birthday poll, so don't miss out on what's sure to be a great performance.

I've set the V+ box. I'll actually be at my own tap class when it's on so looking forward to seeing it later on.

Hope you all enjoy it too :)
Thanks, ILC, I thought I'd missed it and was wondering if anyone had put it on YouTube. Tiscali+ box set to record :)

Shuffle Ball Change!

I hope to goodness Julia is wearing a reinforced support bra when she does her "wings"!


Jude x

I've just been on the QVC website to check when it was on and could not find the details.
I'm surprised that they did not put it on in the evening so that more people could see it!
On the other hand maybe they are trying to encourage more of us to watch at 09:00.
What they'll do to keep you watching QVC! You'll have to wait right until the very end of the programme, you watch!
Have just watched it - I thought JR used to be a dancer!?!?! Not much sign of it there!
what courage and fun.......

i though that claire,julia and catherine were jolly good sports to put on a show. it is something most people would never do. it goes to show what good sports they are. well done ladies. it made me laugh and lifted my spirits a lot.
Couldn't hear the taps because of the fullsome soundtrack - that was probably calculated ;) I'd like them to have used faster music and a tighter routine, and that thought takes me aback... I criticise everything and can't do nuthin' myself!

Well done girls and thank you, I enjoyed it!

clemenzina :10:
Tuned in at 9:15 and thought I'd maybe missed it, but no - on they came around 9:30 - great to watch - they were such good sports and great fun to watch!!
I've just watched it. Thought they did well especially as it's probably years since they last danced.

Disappointed that I couldn't hear the taps though. That's the best bit about tap dancing!

Hope this is an annual event. Claire's right, they should have done it for charity so maybe they could incorporate this into next year's BCC event.

Are you listening QVC?!

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