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Jun 24, 2008
I would like to purchase a steam cleaner and wondered if anyone has bought:

item number 318245

Domotec Super Steamer with Pro Iron & 13 Piece Accessory Kit

It seems a good price on IW compared to other outlets, but at the same time I don't want to waste my money if it really isn't much good. I don't want a very big machine as we don't have the space but at the same time think that the very little steam cleaners will probably be a little tricky to use, so hope that this may fit the bill.

I would appreciated any feedback if anyone has this product or a similar one at a similar price.

thank u
Hi, Lioness

I have been lurking on these threads for a while and thought I'd finally take the plunge and register so that I could share my thoughts on the Domotec with you.

I've owned one for some months now and, all in all, am quite pleased with it for the price. A couple of things, though:
- The extender poles do feel quite flimsy - they bend a bit if I put pressure on them when, say, cleaning the kitchen floor.

- Overall, it is not quite as robust as my previous Karcher machine.

On the plus side, though, it did cope very well when I recently defrosted my mother's - seriously iced-up - freezer with it and the on-board tool storage is very useful.

On balance, though, if having the iron is not important to you, I think I'd try:

(in case the link doesn't work, the Little Yellow Steam Machine, item no 144 179)

it looks very similar in terms of spec, and has 1 bar more pressure, but at considerably less than half the price. It wasn't available when I bought the Domotec, or I would've gone with it instead.

Hope this helps.
Hi Norbitonite,

I'm not looking for a steam cleaner, but just wanted to say how thoughtful I thought it was that you should come in to assist another forum member as your first post. Your post will probably assist several members who may be in a similar quandary.

Thank you and <a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" alt="" border="0"><img border="0" src=""></a>

Argey x
Hello from me too,i got the little yellow and it's been well used this weekend by both of us here,we're very impressed with it,if anyone wants to come and inspect the kitchen and bathroom now is a good time :D
Thank you all for the warm welcome. It seems like a friendly place and I'm sure I'm going to like it here!
Thank you norbitonite and Snoopy for your feedback. I always find it useful to ask these questions on here as I'm likely to get an honest answer.

I don't need the iron in the set, so may go for the cheaper/smaller unit. I am primarily looking for something which will be used for bathroom/kitchen cleaning and to help me with the incessant battle with limescale deposits. Whilst a little handheld unit should be enough for the jobs I want to tackle, I have found that people have not been too impressed with them- they become heavy once filled with water, it is not as easy to get into small places because of the size of the unit, they are not very powerful, and some also leak/drip. I'm hoping that a slightly larger unit will be safer and more efficient.

Welcome to the forum norbitonite, and as already mentioned, thank you for making your first post a helpful one.

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