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Susie Wusie

Registered Shopper
Jun 24, 2008

My Domotec iron has arrived, however when l press the button for steam it takes a few seconds to come out, far from immediate, and then when l take my finger off the button for steam it doesn't stop for about 10-15 seconds, is this correct?
On my old steam generator iron steam started immediately i pressed the button and stopped when l took my finger off the button.
So not sure if Domotec is faulty or just operates different to how l expected it too.
Help please
Mrs Snoop has a steam generator and like you say it steams when pressed and stops when released.
Mine takes a few seconds for the steam to come through when you first press it after it heats up but once going it come through as soon as you push the button, after releasing the button it sort of dies down rather than stopping immediatly IYSWIM

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