Doll10 TSV 11/6/24


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Indeed, that would be boring. But maybe some of the new products find their way to the UK? Yeah, I know, dreams....
Doll 10 4 Piece Collection TSV 11/06/24

30ml Doll Skin Genius Tinted Moisturiser RRP £34 + post
30ml Smooth Assist Pore Refining Radiance Primer RRP £28 + post
The Multi-Tasker 3-in-1 Cream Color Stick RRP £20 + post
Luminous Foundation Brush RRP £28 + post

Total RRP £110 + post


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QVC Cosmetic TSV's are SOOOOO boring now. Years ago I bought just about every one. Mojave Magic, Smashbox, YBF and its previous incarnation. Laura Geller, BareMinerals then Doll 10 and Tarte. The TSV's had personality, colour and a great mix of products. Now they are all pretty samey. Foundation and/ or Concealer, Primer, brush, blush, mascara. Oh and a bag. Don't forget the bag. OR Ten tonne of lippies or mascaras. Is it a newer buyer? Is it production costs of products? What is going on? I mean, look at this TSV and compare it to last weeks Mally! :(
Talking of Mally, there seems to be a foundation shade called ‘Fair you know who you are’. Don’t know if Doll do this shade as well. I’m somewhere between light and medium and I never know who I am!
My Mally TSV arrived today and I was so excited - yes I need to get out more. I'm 53 with fairly good olive skin, and have been without foundation for about 2 months, as I just can't find one that suits. I ordered the Tan option.
The search continues I'm afraid.
After finding the design/delivery system pretty amusing...yes I'm very childish- it turned out too dark and just mafe me look 'mucky'. The eye/ cheek/ lip stick didn't really show on my cheeks, but looked quite 60s on my lips (creamy pink with ashy tone) . Mascara left me with panda eyes.
Oh well..
Doll 10 Dollskin Genius 4 Piece Complexion & Colour Collection
Item Number: 251426
QVC Price £84.96
Todays Special Value Price £42.96
P&P £0.00

Discover the secret to flawless summer skin with the Doll 10 four-piece Doll Skin Complexion Collection. Boasting gorgeous, lightweight formulas that are perfect for summer, this edit includes the new Doll Skin Genius Tinted Moisturizer and Smooth Assist Pore Refining Radiance Primer, plus a Doll Skin Genius The Multitasker 3-in-1 Creme Color Stick and Stippling Brush. Powered by skin-loving ingredients and designed to give you a full face of confidence, this set will leave you looking glowing and radiant.
The recipe for complexion perfection - this superb Doll Skin collection doubles up as skincare too, working to hydrate your skin and let its natural radiance shine. It features products formulated with Doll 10's iconic recipe of ingredients including marshmallow extract, collagen and probiotics.
Latest launches - you'll receive two brand new products in this set - the Doll Skin Genius Tinted Moisturizer, which is great for sensitive skin, and the Smooth Assist Pore Refining Radiance Primer that helps smooth the appearance of pores and imperfections.
  • 1 x NEW Doll Skin Genius Tinted Moisturizer with Niacinamide (30ml) - this tinted formula combines make-up and skincare in one step. Formulated specifically for sensitive skin, this gentle blend of skin-loving ingredients including marshmallow extract, plant-based collagen and probiotics provides a sheer, luminous finish while helping to hydrate your skin
  • 1 x NEW Smooth Assist Pore Refining Radiance Primer (30ml) - a silicone-free make-up and skincare hybrid serum that helps smooth the appearance of pores while helping to hydrate your skin. This gel-to-serum formula provides a transparent-matte finish
  • 1 x Doll Skin Genius The Multitasker 3-in-1 Creme Color Stick (6.6g) - a creamy colour balm that delivers a healthy-looking flush of hydrating colour on the go. It's buildable, blendable and breathable
  • 1 x Stippling brush


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