Does Ojon Work ?????


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May 21, 2009
I have really awful damaged hair, have being dyeing it for years have recently stopped and it is recovering but was thinking of trying the ojon restorative treatment just wondered what others experiences are. Really need something that has an effect more than just normal conditioner. Any ideas most welcome ????:62:
was hoping it was nt one of those too good to be true stories plus the guy is quite sexy too !!!! Julianne
I realsied how much it worked recently when i bought the Aussie brand shampoo and condioter for coloured hair the first time both my friend and I used it we thought it was okay. Though a couple of weeks later we both noticed it was leaving our hair in a worse contion, my freind has short hair and I have medium length. I have since gone back to my Ojon and it is back to normal.
I bought the recent TSV and it must work because hubby said last night "Your hair looks nice, it's looks all soft and fluffy" OK, maybe fluffy isn't a word I would use but it speaks volumes when even he notices lol
rainbow buy the last tsv as it really is good value and just about cost what the conditioner alone cost.
i got mine this morning and wish i had bought 2 more kits really fantastic stuff.
I swear by it, used to be an Aveda girl but swapped when it first came to QVC I have coloured extremely curly hair which I straighten most days and even though I say it myself my hair is in fantastic condition, the colour seems to last better as well. I use it once a week and leave in for at least 30 mins usually whilst having a hot steamy bath and then shower it out and then wash and condition with ojon. Bought the latest tsv and the leave in cond is fantastic, no more friz when out in the rain!
Ojon is great for moisture - as is PK Elasticizer. But if you want to keep your hair at it's absolute best, you need to add protein. I used to use high-end stuff like Redken's Deep Fuel or Joico's K-Pak, but I recently tried Lee Stafford's Hair That Won't Grow Past A Certain Length and I love it. He's also the only one that states on his labels that treatments MUST be followed with a conditioner to prevent the hair from becoming brittle.

I use an oil treatment a few times a week (Ojon/PK's E/Olive oil/Elemis Camellia - anything oily!) and a protein treatment once a week. Considering I colour, chemically straighten, wash daily & GHD, it's in lovely nick.
Hi there, I have been looking for the perfect shampoo or more importantly conditioner for the last 15 years after 20 years of bleaching my dark brown very long hair. I was at the point of using 2 different conditioners, one for the crown that was undamaged and another for the length and resorted to using intensive once a week masks everyday as a matter of course as nothing else worked. I started using Ojon 2 years ago, the ultra hydrating duo, and now switched to the Ojon Tawaka Rejuvenating Cleanser & Conditioner Duo which is amazing. My hair took 3 washes to get used to it and I have long glossy voluminous locks. I tend not to use the pot of Ojon as I prefer the shampoo/conditioner combination (and didn't notice any real difference with the pot). I can't speak highly enough of it :)
aww its beautiful! i used to use aveda which didnt seem to do anything but i enjoyed the luxury of buying expensive hair products. the ojon is amazing! i have greasy hair at the roots and dry at the mid and end of my hair. i tried the restorative spray thinking that pot of goodness was too much hassle and it made my hair soft and moisturised! just using

i then bought the pot and the tsv which is still available but at qvc price (great value)

remember the 30 money back!
I'm not sure. I bought Shine and Protect and not convinced my hair looks any better than with Dove colour protect. Perhaps I need to use it a bit more? Have only used it twice so far and wondering if I should send it back - think it's the leave in creme I'm not sure about.
Well ladies: after all your recommendations I had to go and buy some!! It has just arrived, and I will let you know if it was a good suggestion!:33:
Yes it does.

My hair was very very dry after getting my highlights done last week, so out came the pot of Ojon, left it on for as long as possibly could (overnight and a bit more), washed it out the next day (with Ojon shampoo & conditioner) and my hair was back to itself the following day. The leave-in treatment from the last TSV is a godsend as well - no frizz!

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