Does anyone have a code


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That's really pretty MB, unfortunately I don't think there are any codes around, (maybe someone else knows of one). Since Steve A's departure, there doesnt' appear to be anyone at Gems who's taking any notice of the ST crowd!
The only codes I have heard of, are to customers who haven't bought for ages. My friend got an email last month offering £5 off £50 purchase, but it only lasted a week.
The last one I knew about was, rib5. I hope it works for you as it expired on the 15th but maybe they will allow it over the weekend? It's for £5. Good luck, mummy bear, hope you get your ring :).
I haven't bought for ages, but I haven't received a code, just an email asking me to fill in a questionnaire about freeview which I didn't bother with. I'm afraid times have changed mummy bear, but good luck with your ring.
Pretty little ring, MB! Sorry I can't help with a code ... last one I used was rib5 and I see that didn't work for you. I haven't bought anything for ages and think I would need a 20% discount to tempt me again! :D

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