Do they actually not WANT to sell anything?


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Jun 27, 2008
It used to be the case that, if you contacted the Personal Shopper about a particular item, they would let you have it for either the last or the average price it went for on air. No more, apparently.

I spotted an item I liked just as the game was ending, for £300 and something pounds. It was shown in the overpriced shop for £900 and something, so I knew it was still in stock. I contacted the PS, and they quoted me a price of £700 and something (even though I pointed out that I'd seen it on air for half that).

What's the point in that? I'm hardly going to buy it, am I? Do they actually not WANT to sell jewellery, preferring to show the same unsold pieces on air over and over again?
I remember last year (I think) they got in some lovely pearl and silver bangles. I kept missing them on air, so rang a PS, she couldn't do enough to help, told me which designs they had in stock, and I bought the one I wanted for the same price it had gone for on air.

What's happened to this company, they seem to be unrecognisable from the fantastic channel we all knew and loved?

:1:Well I can tell you one reason their CS has gone down hill...

Tony Poole used to be in GTV CS...he now works for Steve at Rockstv CS and is Brilliant.

Their loss.... Steve's and our gain guys!

I e-mailed the personal shopper ages ago

No reply as yet I'm not surprised though as you lot had warned me lol)

It seems to take at least 24 hours to get a reply now - they used to ring back within minutes.

And when they do reventually ing you back, the prices they quote usually make you wish they hadn't bothered!

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