Do R&C do requests?


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They do sometimes do request hours, especially John Scott. He mentioned that he had one tomorrow - at 5.00 p.m. I think he said. You might be lucky with a request at other times, but John will pull out all the stops to get your item for you in a request hour. The prices are no higher than at any other time.

Rocks & Co also put all the previous days' items (those that aren't sold out) on the website, so if you take a look your ring may well be there. Be warned, though, the prices on the web are MUCH higher than on air, but at least you can get the item number for when you put in a request.
That might not necessarily mean they haven't got it, Jacky. Still worth putting in a request based on the description - I'm sure if John Scott can find it he'll put it on for you!

Thanks MissM - ring isn't on there today, and only one in the ruby I wanted, yesterday there were four...I'll just have to keep looking!
Hi Jacky, to put a request in email [email protected] or text them they keeping putting the number up on screen - hope this helps. John as already said few people are emailing requests in so good luck - hope you get your request shown think it's starts at 11.00pm tonight x

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