Do QVC Read The Customer Reviews???


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Sep 22, 2008
Does anyone from QVC ever read the product reviews we put on there? I've noticed several items with practically all bad reviews still being sold at full price. One example is this
Epil Touch Face & Intimate Hair Removal Wand with Mirror & Pouch

I notice that they're swift enough to say when an item has good reviews. If they aren't going to look into a product's quality/performance and take action on the info, then, other than acting as an unoffical warning to future possible buyers, what is the point of us doing these reviews??
I think the fact that the reviews do act as an unofficial warning to future possible buyers is a good thing - at least we get them posted! I do think that QVC will look at all the reviews and, with the bad ones, might not take immediate action, but will use the info at a future date when dealing with the suppliers - it's just a case of QVC not immediately responding and lowering the price, which would lead to anarchy of course (eg this scenario: masses of fake negative posts in the hopes that prices would be lowered especially if the item is actually good... :20:).
I think they do read them as I wrote a review about a product I had a bad reaction to AFTER doing a patch test (which was fine). They rang up me and told me off for not patch testing the product, even though my review (which they never ran) said my patch test had been fine.

I like reading the bad reviews as well as the good - you get a more balanced view on the product IMO.
Thanks RomanGirl. It's a bit cynical of me to suggest such a thing, but if there's a loophole, people usually find it and misbehave (and of course, that's what QVC are probably thinking!).
to be honest i think it is very honarable of QVC to leave the negative reviews, and we should tak ecomfort from this fact.

I suspect many other sites or retailers would remove such poor reviews.

so for once, i say well done QVC very good and keep it up
some -ve reviews have been wiped from what i can gather, some people have written "this is the second/third time i have written this, they deleted it off the sytem, what a suprise" etc etc
i sent a review of a dennis basso scarf saying that i binned it after i discovered he is associated with fur . Three times i sent it in and they have never printed it so they are not that honest and upfront as they make out.
I have sent lots of text into shows , things like does nn flannel bedding pil? ,3 times i asked that one , and things about animal testing on products ,is something completely natural? ,funnily enough they never air my questions ,seems they only like positive texts and no awkward questions :33:
I don't buy from QVC anymore, but I think if they are promoting reviews as a way of reasuring customers, then ALL reviews, good or bad should be posted. If they only want positive reviews, then it defeats the whole object of customer feedback IMO.

I appreciate what you say Mariecat about abuse, but it wouldn't be that hard for them to check returns forms if an items gets an unusual amount of negative responses against actual reasons given for returns.


I once send QVC an email asking why they had not used any of my negative reviews after doing about half a dozen for various products - they one used 2positive ones. Cant remember the exact wordin but they claimed an outside company monitored or handled this part of the website which makes it even stranger!!
The one item that I have recently checked, as it came back on air after being sold out - was the Butler and Wilson one eyed croc bag - 138622 - so dear to my heart as I bought the "gold" ( ie bronze) one and sent it back. What a sh*te bag. Anyway its back on and has all of 3 readers reviews, all good ones. Ha! There used to be loads and most of them were pretty disparaging. Smoke and Mirrors I think. Could say more but don't want to be ( too) rude.

Thanks ladies for the feedback and confirmation of something I thought was my imagination! as I had noticed that the reviews for the silver popcorn watch seem to have been pruned. There were a lot of reviews on there (including mine) about the loose clasp and the watch falling off. I was lucky in that I managed to get a safety chain fitted and hadn't had a problem after. There were a few pages of comments but there are hardly any now.
I used to like QVC and found their products very good - but lately there seems to be alot of 'tat' and more of a hard push in the selling.
I'm also not sure about some of their principles, as we've discovered that the Indigo Moon and Amarje ranges were both owned by the same company, when they give the impression the IM is 'Julia's baby' as though it's her company, and I didn't know about Denis Basso either (not that I've bought any of his stuff). Don't get me wrong - I've had some very good, quality purchases in the past that I've been very pleased with, it's just lately that when I've watched there seems to be a different 'feeling' coming over...sorry I can't be more specific. Apologies for rambling on a bit, I'll clear off now :57:
Roman Girl
I sent a bad review for a recent craft TSV, and someone on did as well. They replied to her due to the negative reviews they would not show the product again, yet it was shown subsequently on Craft Day. They called me and said the matter was beign dealt with!

Also with regards to NN flannel, they did a recall and I have 2 new sets.

So yes they read the reviews.

TBH they couldn't really put a comment about Dennis Basso's horrible fur trade on the website!
My negative Lola rose and Kathy Van Zealand weren't shown but my positive ones posted same day were....Hmmmm :33:
Mmmmm just had a sniff around, and withdraw my previous remarks, can see they have had richard jackson busy pruning :33:
I am somewhat irritated by QVC's cynical use of customer reviews during presentations. For example, if you check the reviews both here and in the U.S. for Tova's perfumes, you will find that there is page after page of scathing comment and a demand that the issues raised be addressed by QVC. Yet, during Tova presentations, it is made out that this is a 5 star brand loved by everyone, and they will claim that the one gushing review they refer to is the norm. I realise that they are there to sell things but this is not the way to treat loyal customers and makes a nonsense of their assurance that they do act on behalf of the buying public.
I was watching a show a few weeks ago when I think it was a Freeze 24/7 TSV. Anyway Claudia was presenting the show and was raving about the Freeze 24/7 anti-wrinkle cream. I couldn't believe it when she said 'don't take it from me, go to our website and check out the reviews for yourself' I bet the powers that be were shouting " Aaaaaargh!! Noooooooo!!!!!"

She obviously had no idea about the terrible reviews but it's funny that QVC have left them there, even when it was a tsv? :shrug:
So far, I have posted positive and negative comments, and they are all "out there".
When I buy something, I do not listen to the sales patter of the annoying presenters, i go for it if it is good value and I need/want the item.
I always read the comments online, as I do not trust the presenters carp salestalk.

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