Do IW Realise we are all pulling our belts in this year!


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Jul 15, 2008
What is it with IW prices on a lot of their items these days.
I cannot believe some of the items priced at £1000.00 and more and even run of the mill items at £500.00.

I have found times hard over the last few years let alone the past year so I am astounded. To be fair it's not just IW as QVC seem to have lost the plot as well a lot of their prices are outrageous

Well thats another moan out of the way.

I've had one and it was brilliant - mine you it was a special birthday treat and it was a local company (much cheaper than Virgin)
I agree with you Babs. I think the same can be said for the jewellery channels. I've been watching and very oftern the £1000 + items do not sell but the cheaper ones do. Also the soap IW had on the other day was way overpriced, its soap! I dont care if it does contain natural ingredients, so does the vegetable soap I buy from tescos for 40p. I do think that most people on tele with their high saleries just dont live in the real world.
I'm with you Babs, but they must be selling otherwise they would not be on air. Like most folk, I have had to cut back this last year too.

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