Disgusting Returns that appear in the outlet stores


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Jun 24, 2008
Over the past few years I have seen pans with food not properly cleaned off, software that has been loaded onto someone's machine and sent back, bits missing from craft sets (such as scrapbooking pages with the middles cut out) and dirty Birkenstocks.

What I saw yesterday really takes the biscult however and I don't understand why these pyjamas were put out for sale, or for that matter how anyone had the gall to return them for a refund in the first place. They had several pairs of Carol Hochmann pyjamas in various sizes for good prices, some had been worn, washed and returned. What was disgusting that one pair had evidence of a 'bad female accident' that despite their best efforts had not washed out, there was still the tell tale outline. Ugh!!
Yuk, Yuk, shame on QVC, no wonder I buy less and less from a Company like that........:eek:
Does make you wonder why some people will do such things. They must have some cheek. Saying that QVC has more to try to sell it
Last time I was in the shop I saw Markon Boots that had obviously been well worn in, as they had the imprint of someone's bunions in them...bleurgh...
Surely no-one would ever buy any item of clothing that had such evidence of being worn, no matter how cheap it was. It's like buying stuff from an expensive second hand shop isn't it? Although I would imagine second hand shops wouldn't even dream of selling such nasty stuff.
There's no accounting for the disgusting people who obviously have no shame in returning goods in such an unacceptable condition. It's all well and good qvc have this thirty day (though 28 day's more apt in this case:eek:) returns policy, but if they expect to re-sell the stuff, I think they need to reconsider things slightly. Either they discard, or send for recycling items that are frankly unfit to be used again as they are, or they include a few clauses, ie where matters of hygiene are concerned,and disallow the return of non-faulty intimate apparel, earrings etc.

Do they sell on half empty pots of skincare items as well? That's actually quite an unpleasant thought too tbh!

I actually wonder if it would be better for them to put a stop to this, and perhaps have a 14 day returns policy in which non-faulty items must be returned unused, or in pristine condition, and to compensate provide better prices on their goods, and cheaper postage and packaging options.
My friend used to work at the outlet store and to be fair to them, the stuff they are sent from Liverpool returns dept is supposed to have been checked. The outlet staff just put the stuff out on the shelves/clothes rails as they have no time to check it all again.

Of course if they noticed something awful they wouldn't put it out, my friend regularly unpacked pyjamas that had stains and stunk :yuk:

You just can't believe people would send them back can you!! :eekhair:
......and I suppose that with so many departments dealing with everything, the purveyors of such dispicable misdemeanours get away with it. I mean if the same person who was dealing with the returns, was also responsible for dealing with the refunds...things might be different...like it is in a shop. I'm sure clothing store workers have some terrible tales to tell, but mail order returns must be a different kettle of fish...(sorry folks!)
OHHHHH gosh how terrible/what some people will send back.....shame on the person putting it to sell......he/she should be fired
To be fair, the design of the fabric COULD have been the reason why the offending 'extra' had gone unnoticed. I always inspect everything for staining, marks, flaws etc and happened to look inside the trousers, as it was obvious the pyjamas had been washed and returned.

As Merryone says, this unconditional 30 day MBG should be replaced by if you change your mind, items like skincare products, earrings and 'intimate' apparel should be returned in near to pristine condition and the scale slides downwards, according to how iffy it is. In this case, QVC should not have given a refund IMHO as I said at the outset it was an infernal cheek and disgusting.
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i once sent some tanning back as it didnt suit & they sent it back to me as i hadnt included the sponge that had fallen apart halfway down the 1st leg & i didnt include the gloves as i thought not nice to send stained gloves back for someone to have to search through....didnt get my MBG on that one.......[ yes i did ring & explain but they werent having it.....]
Do they sell on half empty pots of skincare items as well? That's actually quite an unpleasant thought too tbh

Haven't we had more than one allegation of this happening with supposedly 'new' goods through the mail from QVC?
There have been countless reports on here re yucky, mucky and broken items - missing bits list is endless.
I live nowhere nesr the outlet centres and because of what I have read on here I now never buy earrings, I don't buy clothes and I usually only buy beauty stuff as TSVs or new items when they are shown. Less chance of them being 'seconds'.

I have a question - as so many people have experience of being resold - or seeing for sale - duff stuff and a fair few of those must have complained, how does QVC get away with this????????

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