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Hi guys,

I've received an email from Gems and its been disarmed. Has this happened to anyone else - its a bit worrying, never happened to emails from them before?

Cheers for any comments.

Hi Argey, I've had a couple of {disarmed} emails, one for an order confirmation and the other for order despatched. I too wondered what it all means?

Should we be

d'ya think ?
Had that message today for the first time... was a bit surprised !
Have to wonder if it's a subliminal message to ward off complaints about the changes they've been making?!!!!!:62:
I HATE the fact that there are so few details given now..... saw some pearls the other night but didn't buy because there was no size of the pearls given..... the magnification on screen is such that I have given up guessing... it matters to me whether the pearls are 6mm, 7mmm or 9mmm... why is it too much to ask that we be TOLD this????? The presenters.... and they're all guilty of this, can spend plenty time wittering about all orts of stuff... why can't we be told the statisitics???? Driving me crazy.... only madethis order today because I had been ased to make it on behalf of a chum. Grrr!
All very suss - I'm just gonna delete anything else I might get from them.
My Hotmail has upgraded to a new look and I too got a disarmed email.

As it was just a reminder I had something in my basket, I reckon it's just Hotmail being over cautious as it had links to the Gemstv website so I'm not about to panic. :rolleyes:
Thanks MGS for your reply, I also received one today , am not going to open any more emails from them, just to be on the safe side.It was only a basket reminder anyway.
Hi guys..I too had one of these disarmed basket reminder emails
I hovered my mouse over the little square, and it said something to do with a bug .
Cant remember now as I've deleted it.
Perhaps one of us could email or ring customer care and ask for an explaination of its meaning.

Mirabelle xx

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