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Jul 11, 2009
Just to let people know that the autodelivery on QVC is £172.72 plus £4.50 postage totalling £177.22 - this is for just 28 days. If you buy directly from Diet Chef it's £190.00 with free postage for 35 days. QVC - doesn't the V stand for 'VALUE'? You pay for delivery with QVC and it takes longer - Diet Chef direct deliver next woking day!

With direct from Diet Chef you can choose your meals - a much wider choice than QVC and you don't have to have any milkshakes if you don't want them (one of the main reasons for lower rated reviews on QVC).

So, Diet Chef directly works out at £5.43 per day nearly £1 cheaper a day than QVC as QVC works out at £6.33 a day - rip off!!!

Anyone using Diet Chef from either source? What do you think? I've just ordered mine from Diet Chef and I'm starting on Thursday.
Tina, there is a thread in the Drop, where people following this diet are sharing tips and moral support... HTH
Good luck if you're going to try this. Other FMs seem to be doing very well on it.:flower:
It's the VIP area of the forum, which you can access once you make a £6 donation to ST towards the costs of running the forum. Sazza is probably the best person to ask for further and 100% guaranteed correct info. Hope to see you there soon Tina!:wave2:
I had this in an email from them today, for £25 off - hope it is useful to someone!

"When you sign up for a monthly subscription use code PUMPKIN at the checkout to carve £25 off your first month's order. This offer is only valid on orders placed before 31st October 2009 and only on your first order. Buy now not to miss this great saving.

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