Did Glen really say that?!


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Thats what I really dislike about the presenters, their 'stories' and the idiotic things they say to make you want to buy, I dont remember all this fake spiel years ago.
Although I did love watching QVC then.

Word association is also really cringeworthy, because a piece of etrusca jewellery had a 'wheat' type pattern she rolled off a list of things associated with it like 'health'!! Eh!

Lies, damned lies.....
They really do talk to us as though we only have half a brain sometimes!!
Also I wish they wouldn`t have men presenting `fashion`....Charlie gave a very cringe worthy presentation with that frumpy fusion the other day!
Pipa has just said that she can picture Catherine Zeta Jones in a Susan Graver embroidered velvet jacket (134538). I don't think so!
Typical Glen comment, you just sit watching rolling your eyes thinking 'oh shut-up'.

I remember Simon Wilson making a comment about Glen once 'Oh really', he was mentioned on one of this shows and you got the impression he didn't appreciate his comments either.
i've been wondering .... how come Glen can't present a 'fashion' show on his own ? Only once have i seen him do this. He's been there 5/6 years now and still needs the support :rolleyes:
I supposed Glen is considered the fashion 'expert' like Alison is for beauty but even she does some shows on her own with just a model. Unfortunatley Glen is not a credible fashion commentator because he can't criticise anything so everything is 'really stylish' or 'on trend'.

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