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Jun 25, 2008
I went to turn off the pc,(Taking child to swimming club,)and saw a black opal for a pound!
I think my hand pretty much moved of it's own accord,clicked on buy and flew me through checkout.
I even printed off the details in case it turned out to be a hallucination.
Did anyone actually see this ring on telly? I've no idea how big it was,(small I imagine,)gold weight, anything.
I'm expecting to be told it was a mistake or there aren't enough or something.so watch this space.
If not what a good intro. to the channel for moi.Perhaps it's my reward for coming back to the fold!:1:
Hiya Indigoblue yes it really did happen I saw it and the ring it was really nice it was a quite large stone so well done you, let us know how you get on :1:
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Well done (she muttered through clenched teeth) I'm really p - pleased for you :26: :p

Can't wait to see it! :D
Well done you! Isn't it a nice change for something good to happen? I hope you love it when you get it. Ironic isn't it - all these people desperately trying to get a £1 item from Gems TV and you coming across one by pure chance! Brilliant!
Thanks Klosblue.it's a lovely thing to happen isn't it?I do hope it's a goody because if it is, it's destined to to Pimms' and my Mum.50p each.Seems good to me.:1:
Mind you,if it turns out to be horrible I'm not sure I could complain for a pound.:31:

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