Diamonds from £10, Rubies from £5


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kunzite convert
Jun 24, 2008
Diamonds from £10, Rubies from £5

I was just wondering if anyone had actually seen a diamond ring go for £10 as they keep advertising, i watched from 3pm until 12am yesterday and have been watching all this morning on the web,and so far nothing, mind you knowing my luck they were probably all on when i gave up and went to bed :D
I saw a diamond ring for £10 yesterday, it was about 3 or 4 points of classic range diamonds.
I was in bed poorly yesterday, and had TJC on in the background most of the day, was up till late too because of the heat, and i didn't see anything go to the prices they advertised. Also, i have seen a few items at higher priced to what i have seen them sell at previously when not in the so called "mega" sale!
I saw a pair of white gold tanzanite earrings go for £5 yesterday and I also saw a large citrine pendant go for £17 less than I'd paid for it. Luckily I'd sent mine back because it didn't match the colour of my ring or I would have been really fed up!
Yep, I've seen the 'bargains'. Diamond ring for £10, ruby pendant for £4, and tanzanite earrings for £5. The tanzanite earrings were very pale,(2prs) the ruby pendant (4) was worth it for the chain, and no thanks to the diamond ring.

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