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Rocks TV is officially launching today, they will be going live from 5pm to 11pm.

The launch coincides with the start of the Rocks TV advertising campaign.

All auctions will still start at £0 and without a reserve price!

Log on and join Rocks TV at the very beginning of this revolutionary new website.
I'm really looking forward to this, it might even keep me out of the pub!
I'm looking forward to it as well. Bl**dy unfortunate that my home internet connection has chosen this week to go up the creek and I have yet to resolve it! Am spitting tacks at the moment cos I know what kind of evening I've got ahead of me, instead of one sitting back and enjoying the presentations.

Meanwhile, good luck tonight Rocks TV. Give it some welly Steve and Barry :D

hugs, Sammi xxx
To all @ CR


Wishing you a very successful launch!

Btw will we need to download a live video stream......not quite sure how this works! ;)
It was working fine for me until 5pm then all came to a halt. I'm gutted as I'd been bidding for a bracelet :(
I can't even access the website anymore. But this is why they do beta testing I guess
I've had to close their live streaming as it was slowing my pc right down. :( Anyone else affected?? :pPC:
Thanks Tabs...just tried it again and it does seem okay now. Probably poxy AOL playing up. :rolleyes: :pPC:

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