Diamond Flower Necklace.


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Jun 24, 2008
Yorkshire Uk
Just seen a very pretty Iliana diamond flower necklace go for £399.95

590 625 0.64pts diamonds... so pretty:happy:
:( Aw shucks Meesh, thought of you as soon as i saw them too! There's been more lovely ones on too tho :) Maybe one you like will appear.
Yes but guess what! When you phone, their systems are down so you can't order - you can't get through when you press 1. Also, you can't bid on the web because it say's "customer blocked". I managed to get through to CS who said their systems have been down all day and they can't process orders but to take the item number and phone back tomorrow!
No idea. I just tried to get something else. Went through to CS and he was SO SLOW putting in my bid manually that it went to somebody else. No idea how they're getting through :(
It's so frustrating when its like that..makes me so mad when you miss out because of slow operators.
Chloe said they are going of air for 10 minutes due to technical faults so hopefully they'll fix it them maybe you can request some item codes back?

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