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:dance: We're famous!!!! Hope you're well Julie, don't see you around much lately, happy New Year to you and your Mum.

With best wishes to everyone for 2009

Happy New Year Julie and to your Mum, sorry to hear she's rather poorly at the moment, hope she regains her voice soon.

( I have got the right Julie, I hope...:1:)

Happy New Year to Derek from me also.
Hi All

Happy New Year to you all. I was watching Gemstv and Derek mentioned saying this was the best forum. I totally agree.

Happy New Year Derek you are a sweetie.

Happy New Year Julie, and everyone on the forum. I have also been watching Gemstv with the lovely Derek, and was pleased this forum got a mention, as I also think it is the best!

Happy New Year from me as well to Derek. (I know I would like a kiss from Derek under the mistletoe, if I had the chance :8:!) :40:
Julie and to your mum as well.
Hi Julie, Happy New year to you and your mom, hope she's feeling better soon! just heard you're message read out on gemstv 2 with Lucy & Drew!

Happy New year everyone x

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