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Here you go. The ring is from GemsTV (many moons ago)! The DG is 1.52ct antique cushion cut (plus diamonds on top). This one is from Namibia but I do have a loose 2ct Russian Demantoid with horsetail inclusions but I don't have photos of it (no idea why).

The difference between Namibian and Russian DGs is that the Namibians tend to have a better clarity. They're incredibly difficult to photograph and as you can see, in the photo this looks a bit like a sphene, although it's not!!! The link from GemsTV with their video is a better representation of the colour.

This ring is an olive green with flashes of red, brown, yellow, blue etc.


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Demented by Garnet!

Your ring is lovely indeed Meesh, thank you for posting the photos. It has a huge central stone compared to the much smaller ones in recent offerings, on the website and on TV auctions. I have been quite entranced by the wonderful fire coming from these gemstones....but less entranced by their prices.....:cash::cash::cash:

For example this one that was on the website auctions ...

....its a lovely ring but at a helluva cost! We are told that it is due to the difficulties mining in a hostile and very dry climate and small output of this Green Dragon mine. But it still seems very costly and I note that many of the settings are very elaborate and some are in 18k gold.

My little crossover ring in 9k, bought more than 2 years ago, was very reasonable but looking
at the details I can see it came from a different mine in Namibia. Would this fully account for the hike
in cost do you think?

Ummm...hope Fluff doesn't mind me jumping in on this thread.......:mysmilie_797.gif:
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No Sacha I don't think so. I think prices for the less common gemstones have risen over the years and I think it's purely a case of that rather than anything else. Demantoid Garnet is generally more expensive per carat than some other gems because it's not a gem that seems to be mined in abundance. Gems over 1ct are more difficult to find on jewellery shopping channels which is why I think all the recent offerings have been clusters. Although having said that, you can buy larger elsewhere.

I'm not sure how GemsTV decide what should be set in 9k or 18k as there doesn't seem to be much rhyme or reason. You'd think that the "best" gemstones would be set in 18k but that really isn't the case. I wonder if they buy in some of their jewellery and so the decision isn't theirs ultimately?

When I bought the DG in the photos above, it was a one-off and there was a big hoo-haa that DG's of this size aren't often seen blah blah blah so I paid slightly more for the pleasure!!!
Love both those rings. Why do I spend my time now wishing I had bought more way back then?!
Wow Meesh, I love, love, love the design of your ring and a cushion cut too!!
.... thank you so much for posting the picture.

Now that I've stopped drooling I'll explain why I asked .... just over 2 years ago I bought a small Demantoid solitaire ring from Gems and when I looked at the ones they're selling now and compared it with mine I was actually beginning to wonder whether I'd got a Sphene by mistake. Mine is also an olive green colour (about the same colour as my face right now!) with the flashes you described.

I took some photograph but the results were diabolical .... even worse than my usual efforts and I couldn't capture the colour at all. Here's the link instead and I see the origin is the same as yours so it's definitely a Demantoid lol.

So I guess in the end colour is all down to personal preference.

Sacha .... no problem at all.
According to their TV schedule, Gems are having a Namibian Demantoid Garnet hour tomorrow (Sat) at 2pm.

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