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Jun 24, 2008
Yorkshire Uk
Hi guys,

After managing to log in to Rocks for the first time in ages, i filled a basket and checked out early this am. Can anyone tell me if delivery will be for Tuesday, or generally how much later after checkout delivery is at the momemnt. TYIA.
Hi Tabs,

We usually despatch orders the next working day after they have been placed. So if you check out today, you would usually receive it on Wednesday.

But if you checked out very early this morning, it will probably have made it's way on to today's picking lists in which case you should get it tomorrow.

We'll send you an email once we have shipped the order to you, but if you'd like me to double-check which day it should be there, please feel free to email me at [email protected].

Kind regards

Thanks for you reply John, It would be really helpfull if someone could confirm delivery day as my week is rather a hectic one this week. Thank you:1:
Did you enter your mobile details for delivery confirmation,Tabs? hopefully you did and you should get a text confirming your delivery date,however it doesn't normally arrive until late afternoon/evening(well that's when I get mine anyway!!)

I have checked out before 10am in the morning and received the next day,so there is a good chance you will get your goodies tomorrow.:1:
Thanks Sweetpea, No forgot mobile number, but hopefully Parcelman Pete will arrive nice and early :1:
I put my mobile number in but have never had a text about my order/delivery.
I never get a txt or an e-mail about my delivery :( but always have received on the day I have been expecting the delivery!
Hi everyone,

The mobile number for delivery is separate to your main contact number, it's the big pink box on the checkout screen. We do this in case you want to give us a mobile number for us to phone you on, but don't want the text message to be sent.

Kind regards


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