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Jun 24, 2008
Yorkshire Uk
Hi Guys, Well Mr DPD man didn't let me down and arrived pretty early. Here are what are brought.

Very pretty Kyanite pendant. I've hankered after some Kyanite for quite a while and i'm not disappointed! Very unusual shade of blue, love it!

Mystic blue topaz pendant. Such an unusual stone, very nice blue but with a kaleidoscope look within. Love this and also the matching ring!

Matching Mystic blue topaz ring.

I also received a very sweet set of pearls, great price....the only problem??...They were bent out of shape by being stuffed into a far too small box. Not laying flat at the moment, will give some thought whether to return or not.
hi Tabs very nice Kyanite looks very pretty... The mystic topaz is amazing well done on your great buys. just had some kyanite earring studs they smashing. Mags
nice purchases there tabs i've been looking out for Kyanite as well as i dont have any yet but that may soon change lol
Thanks ladies:1:, The Kyanite didn't photohograph as well as i would have liked, much better irl.
Lovely Tabs, I've been wondering if the mystic blue would look better IRL. Rocks' Kyanite looks really stunning.

Glad your delivery arrives nice and early,that's a bonus,and what lovely pieces you have bagged.

I love the mystic blue pendant.....fabulous!!!.......and a great ring to match.A lovely delicate kyanite too.......I so wish I liked the blue stones because the colour of the kyanite from Rocks look gorgeous,just not me,I think my skin tone does something to them lol......but it will be great on you.

I think you are supposed to hang pearls to get them to go straight again....give 'em a few days from a hook to see if the kinks unkink!!

Good haulage,enjoy!!!:35:
The kyanite is just gorgeous Tabs. I've not been watching as much these days and I've missed this stone completely. Will you be going for matching earrings, ring and bracelet soon?;)
Hey Tabs received the pendant and the ring too today - aren't they just gorgeous. Love the kyanite too but a bit dainty for me.
Thanks all. Calvin, I've gone for a kyanite solitaire today...couldn't resist it!

BH, Love the Mystic blue topaz, as you saw, gone for another ring today! I know what you mean about the kyanite, dainty but a very nice stone.:1:
maybe you should try returning the pearls and asking for a refund + 20% difference if you find it a problem :33:

Why don't you just ask them to pay you to take all their fabulous jewellery, rather than steal them at the ridiculous prices we get them for!!!! Sure they'll be happy to oblige :18:

Hi Tabs, fab haul there, i bought that kyanite pendant for my mum, its stunning isnt it, love the mystic topaz too

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