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Jun 26, 2008
I'm using up a bottle or Aromessence Iris that I had squirrelled away in my beauty drawer and I love it, really seeing good results.

I'm now going to try the Phytopeel mentioned in another post.

So, what else should I try? I'm 53 with a normal skin but I've got "grubby" pores round my nose. What about a neck product to minimise any more necklace lines ?

I (but not my credit card :11:) thank you for your advice.

Another fan of the Clientele neck cream here. I tried it when it was part of a TSV I think some years ago. Flirted with other brands but have recently returned to Clientele for neck cream.
I'm using the Clientele too & finding it really good.
Have always been a fan of Gatineau's but loving the texture of Clientele.
I had a Decleor facial yesterday which was lovely. The therapist used two of their masks on me - hydrating and purifying ones - they were in white bottles though. Does this mean they're available in salons only? The hydrating one she mixed with ylang ylang aromessence too.
Big fan of Clientelle, hands down the best

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