Decleor Prolagene Gel help please.


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Jun 24, 2008
Even though it's out of stock on QVC at the moment would like to try some Gel Prolagene. Can anyone help me solve a mystery please? You can get whopping 150ml tubes described as "for the body" or 50ml tubes "for the face". Yet when you look at the ingredients they appear to be the same. The large size is usually about £32 and the small £22. The front of the tube does not distinguish between body and face and Alison Y was talking about the 150ml tube as being used on the face. I have emailed Decleor but no reply so far. Would be grateful for your input. :confused:
Thanks for your replies Oscar Felix Jake, beauty junkie, and makeupqueen. Have just had the reply back from Decleor and you are dead right, they are the same product x
I'm really annoyed about this! My mum randomly gave me the big tube for xmas and I thought it was just for the body, so used it up quickly. Didn'tknow I could have used it on my face :(

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