Dear John and Steve,


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Dear John and Steve, (and Barry, Sarah, Rachel, Tony...)
I like your new venture, Rocks TV. Very nice stuff and some great prices! :)
Unfortunately I'm either working or feel I should spend some quality time with family in the evenings, so I miss out on the auctions. I like the CR site and would be happy to pay for the goodies upfront rather than in an auction. But I noticed that so much has now disappeared. :( Can't we have both, for those of us who can't use the auction site when it's live? Thanks.
PS Still really missing the wine :D
Coincidentally, I emailed Tony about this yesterday and he said he would pass the message on.
I can't watch much either and there was a ring I was planning to buy, but it disappeared from CR before I had the money for it :(
likewise PAL - worth speaking to Tony or Sherridan if you know the item details.

meanwhile it would be nice to see many more items for sale on the CR website, as before, now that they've moved stock across to offer on Rocks TV.
I agree also. I had a few pieces on my wish list and they disappeared from coloured rocks.

I also work evenings and therefore miss out on most of the auctions on rocks.:(
Hi everyone. Thanks for the messages. If you email [email protected] he will try and sort out any pieces that you wanted before we moved things over to

Overtime, we will extend our live hours - hopefully that will help!

Kind regards

John Bennett

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