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Maybe I am getting to that age where I am becoming the most miserable and grumpy woman in the world, but WTH is that damm trailer all about????
If I wear one of his coats I can live dangerously by picking someone up in a hotel and go away with them????
Bearing in mind I will also be 20 years younger and beautiful???
Life dangerously???????????? What do these advertising people think?????

I think I need to be removed from humanity in the interest of health and safety.
Saw some of his coats in the outlet marked price was just under £50, then they gave you 70% off :dull:, I am assuming they would still be making a profit :confused2:
I was thinking DB was Dawn Bibby in her Billinge High School art room.
being dangerous.
Ups, sorry don't do crafts, have too left hands, so did not even know who Dawn Bibby was. Meant Dennis Basso.

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