Dare I say this...........?


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Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo Suzy, it's impossible to have too many fancy sapphires :4:
Now, now young lady, we're going to have to have a serious talk!
I just can't get enough - and the Fancy Sapphires are pretty good too! :lolwave:
yes, i love them too, i think wat i trying to get at is they are showing the same handful of designs over and over.
There have been some really beautiful pieces, but all in white gold. I'm hoping they'll introduce some in yellow gold before my voucher runs out!
yes, or just one or two more designs, i like yg too. they look lovely in yellow gold. i also wish some more on easy pay cos my purse is poorly sick.
As someone who almost rivals M4G in terms of rainbow sapphire addiction, I have to say I have now stopped watching the sapphires of the rainbow hours, as I have seen all the pieces (and bought some of them...:wink2:...)

I'm sure Gems will have taken notice of the popularity of this range, and will be bringing along more fancy sapphires to tempt us soon!
Fancy sapphires? Noooo............. I might have to give up my boycott of GemsTV!

not watching... not watching... not watching... not watching...

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