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Jun 10, 2009
think this is definately a daft question but I'll ask it anyway , is rockstv actually on tv, or is it just a web tv thing? Or is it on tv but you have to be on a specific provider or something? I've had a hunt around but can't find it ....
Flossie i think the confusion is because there is a rocks and co on the tv (thats a different lot of people) but rockstv is only on the web and its not a daft question
Think you are right Milly - I spent ages thinking they were the same, then found the two different websites - then realised that coloured rocks, where I had bought something ages ago was actually rockstv as well!! Its all too much for my poor tired brain :)

I'm now going batty surfing between the various sites ....

I got confused at first, especially when you see presenters who, initially, were working together and have now all split up.

I have to say that the concept of rockstv is, IMHO, very forward thinking and progressive. An amazing way of reaching people without the huge overheads, and such a fantastic method of involving it's customers with the presenters and staff by having the chat room.

What amazing minds behind this concept!!
I agree Dingbat. Rocks TV has to be one of the most innovative and fun retail concepts out there.

It is confusing, though, that there are two channels called "Rocks", and the one with TV in the name isn't on TV!
Definately have to agree with that Dingbat & MissM - now that I have got the hang of the format and where it is :)smirk:) its my fav and much to my CC's dismay, have gone a bit bonkers on it over the last few days!

But then isn't that why CC's were invented ...

Got my first parcel today and am chuffed to bits :happy: another one due at the end of the week - woooooooooooooo hooooooooo
My dad says it is flattery

when some one copies your ideas.

However, I find it terribly confusing myself (and I own the company).

Just to put the record straight Rocks and co. launched some six months after we did and obviously used a very similar name to ......

Imagine how confusing it would be if we were both on telly too!


Though to be fair, Steve, they may well have decieded on their name before they knew about Rocks TV!

After all, you couldn't call it Gems, so what's left...?

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