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Jun 24, 2008
Chilling in Cheshire
Just a little query - has anyone had a reply to any email queries from Customer Services since last evening?

(have got two items in my basket to checkout - asked Katherine at around 8 00pm if I could add some chains and she said no probs, email me details, which I did straight away.
Haven't heard back yet - so I sent a copy of the mail at lunchtime to the generic [email protected] but haven't heard back.)

Hmmm, the only good thing is that this WILL stop me buying anything tonight, simply because I wont be able to (with two items in my basket) - but am worried that they will clear out my basket and think I'm not going to pay for my two items. :sad
I don't know Sara - I have a feeling that CS are only there when they are broadcasting.

I also think that due to all the new customers they are going to need more CS staff, Katherine was working her socks off the other night!
FYI Sara, they cannot add items to your order until after you've checked it out.

Thanks Anne - I didn't know that, I expected to pay one total amount. :smile

Have managed to speak to Katherine via Help - so hopefully may be able to get the chains added now.

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