Customer Feedback Prompts Big Change at Rocks & Co.


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<img src="/images/rocksandco_logo.jpg" border="1" alt="Rocks and Co" title="Rocks and Co" hspace="3" vspace="3" align="right" /><a href="" target="_blank">Rocks & Co.</a> broadcasting live on Sky channel 642, have announced that from 3pm Wednesday the 8th October the channel will be changing from fixed price to falling auction. Today marks a month to the day since the launch of Rocks & Co., so the big question is, why the change in format?<br /><br />“Rocks & Co. have been thrilled with the response our jewellery has garnered and we’ve received some extremely positive feedback on our presenters and the overall look of the channel”, said Managing Director, Chris Parsons, “However, it seems people are more used to the pace of a falling auction. While we strive to always offer excellent value, our customers want more”. When asked about their previous labelling of falling auctions as ‘gimmicks’, Parsons responded, “Our customers have spoken and we have listened. Shoppers will still be able to get the same great quality jewellery, but now with the excitement of auctions”.<br /><br />Rocks & Co. also announced that from Thursday the 9th October they are going live for eighteen hours a day from 8am until 2am. This gives their customers more time to take advantage of their one P&P per day policy, as well as the exceptional value typically associated with falling auctions.<br /><br />Rocks & Co. is retaining the popular fixed price Rocks Star, their daily special product with Free P&P. From Thursday onwards, the new Rocks Star will be launching at midday everyday and will be available until the following noon or until stocks last. Rocks & Co. also reminds customers that if they buy the Rocks Star, they also get Free P&P on everything else purchased that day.<br /><br />A company clearly committed to their customers, Rocks & Co. have established two easy ways to give them feedback. Either text them on 82222 (just put STUDIO followed by your message) or e-mail them at <a href="mailto:[email protected]">[email protected]</a>
Oooo that sounds a lot better. I haven't bought anything from Rocks & Co yet but I have seen plenty I like on their website. I cannot watch them on TV as I'd die of boredom within 5 minutes and of course I'm not a fan of female presenters who tend to grate on my nerves I'm afraid (sorry ladies!!) and Caroline Lindsay brings out suicidal tendacies in me!

However, I think it's great that they are listening and even better that they will now be competition for other channels. Being cynical though I think they've probably realised from their viewing figures that their original "no gimmick" fixed price methods just don't work! Good luck to them anyway.
I suppose it depends on what price their auctions "time out" at. I'm guessing it'll be somewhere near the original prices on the website
Oh, no!!!!

Their jewellery is already indistinguishable from Gems TV - I'm sure it's made in the same factory - and now their format will be identical, too.

I do hope that it will still be possible to buy jewellery at a fixed price on the web, or they'll have lost my business. If they're expecting me to watch their boring old channel, they'll be out of luck!
going with live auctions like that will complicate their procedures. I hope they don't fall at the first hurdle trying to sort things out. I wish them luck with the new format.

must admit there's a couple of things on the website I covet too :D
Just in case you are wondering were we have gone, there is a fire alarm gone off in the studio we will be back ASAP.
I hope it wasn't more burnt toast :) Ooops - just saw that was posted yesterday - so it probably was the burnt toast!
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Are they off air again, just seeing repeated adverts and videos clips?

:D Hope they're keeping a supply of these near the toaster......

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