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I have a crop-o-dile I bought from QVC last year. Not the big bite - that is in the post!

I want more of the gromlet things to use with my original purple crop o dile, but where do I get them? Are they on QVC? When I search 'gromlets' only the big bite set I have ordered comes up. I just want more supplies of the smaller ones. Ebay sells them, but they are either only for the big bite, or don't have the holes in them for the smaller crop'

What should I be searching on QVC for?
It's like a hole punch, and you have these metal shapes, like flowers and stars that you insert into the hole you made, and it clamps the metal to seal it onto what you have put it on

I believe it is for scrapbooking, however I use it for decorating DDs school bag and pencil case. Her friends now come over wanting their bags and make up bags made over with the gromlets and I need new supplies or to cull DD's friends lol
I always thought the gromlets are for use only with the Big Bite.

Maybe it's fancy eyelets that you're after?
Eyelets! yes that works thank you!!!

And Sara, go for it, the girls are fascinated, the only drawback with the purple one I have is that you can only punch holes in an inch or so away from the fabric edge, but for what they like (pencil cases, make up bags, ruck sack straps, jacket cuffs) it is great. the big bite has a longer 'reach' apparently.

DD is 12, and it's made her a bit unique at school, and my house on a friday after school now has a cult 'eyelet' following lol

The snowflakes are especially popular this time of year.
my big bite arrived today, cue lots of 'oohh' and 'ahhh' from DD as she plans where to use them all :rolleyes:

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