Create & Craft Club to be re-launched this weekend


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<img src="/images/nigel.jpg" border="0" alt="Nigel May" title="Nigel May" hspace="4" vspace="2" align="right" />The UK’s leading crafting TV channel, Create & Craft, is re-launching its popular Create & Craft members club from 16 May 2009.<br /><br />If you’re already into papercrafting and cardmaking, or you’re thinking of taking up this interesting and creative hobby which can not only save you money but also give you the self satisfaction of designing your very own product, why not join the Create & Craft Club?<br /><br />For an annual membership fee of just £20, you can receive a variety of exclusives and offers on a regular basis, including product discounts, hundreds of free downloads and VIP access to an exclusive members’ area on the website. The fee also includes a £10 voucher to spend on crafting products, plus 10% discount off all crafting purchases throughout the year.<br /><br />As soon as you’re signed up via <a href=""></a>, and you’ve received your welcome pack, resident expert crafting presenters, Stephanie Weightman and Nigel May, will then guide you through the crafting process from start to finish. Steph and Nigel will be on hand to give you top tips on maximising your creativity, so you can make stunning designs that will impress both friends and family.<br /><br />Nicky Marsh, Create and Craft Brand Manager, commented: “As the UK’s leading craft club, which is available online as well as via a dedicated TV channel, we aim to provide our valued members with the best products, crafting presenters and service available.<br /><br />“We strive to treat all our members as individuals and provide the best advice at all times. The new look club provides even greater value for money with some amazing offers throughout the year – our members even get their very own helpline, which is available seven days a week.”<br /><br />For further information on the new look Create & Craft Club and to sign up as a member, log on to <a href=""></a> or call 08700 700302.
Oh no, not the dreaded C & C club again :11:. If it was that good, why does it need a relaunch ? Personally, I would not touch anything that SW is involved with. As regular readers will know, I can't stand her plummy voice and attitude. I suppose this means another 4 day deal this weekend ? Pass me my sleeping tablets please.
It is a great shame that it could not have been relaunched without Stephanie Weightman.

The My Craft Studio fiasco put me off this woman for life.
Possibly the reason you may find her voice irritating icr24350 is that it is, like most things about her, it's probably fake! It's not plummy to my ears. Joanna Sheen is, but not SW!

I do remember reading on SWs bio (since changed), that she went to a finishing school in Switzerland! Well having friends who did, I can honestly state that they do not say "nuffink" "somefink" etc!

Despite her best efforts, she sounds more Stereotypically "Essex-girl" to me than plummy!

As for the club...

Well I personally think that the club is a complete waste of money as it only encourages you to spend more than you can afford. Otherwise they wouldn't be doing it! You have to spend quite a lot to get any real benefit from the discount!

Why bother when you can always source the items else where and get them cheaper and majority of the time P&P free, why bother giving your money to a company who clearly don't care enough about their shoppers to even have a c/service department that works properly!

I honestly wouldn't waste my money! It's sold as a friendship club......rubbish! You never meet anyone through it, it's not like this forum. It's just a means for them to get yet more of your cash. Hence the never ending price changes and "gimmicks" to get you to re-new.
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Could be worse, it could be Alan & Barry - fun at first, but then irritating, lol :1:

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