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Jun 25, 2008
The other day there was a presentation with a group of ladies all of a certain size sat round a table playing with scissors and bits of card. The presenter also a lady of a certain size was handing out mince pies. Bless them.

Caused me mild amusement, not in a vindictive way but the image made me think of a day care centre with handicapped adults being supervised in their remedial activities.

I reckon this posting is going to upset someone but no offence is intended and everything seems to be fair game for comment these days
I thought you had to have a screw missing if you enjoyed crafting :21: Only joking, my wife's a crafter ! It's you know who that puts me off !
He's got no chance anyway - she's far too besotted with the Nigel creep - though what does that say about her 18 month old marriage!
Ooh heck, I've been rumbled, Steph is the girl of my dreams. I'm glad I'm an insomniac :1:. I don't doubt she likely is a lovely lady in real life.

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