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Jun 24, 2008
in a world of my own
As many of you know Craig is leaving gems tv to go to the USA :42: well today between 1pm and 2.30pm its his last presenting slot. So from me and mine i wanted to wish Craig all the best and a very safe trip. xx
Good luck Craig for your future across the Pond!! You will definately be missed for your humour and naughty remarks!! Love Jo xx
Damn, saw this thread and thought it was Craig leaving QVC

oh well will keep hoping.

Goodluck to whoever this Craig is
So sorry to see Craig go as he brightened my mornings as I watched/listened to Gems online at work.

Good luck Craig and I am sure they will all love you in the US as much as we do here.

Adios Amigo

Very sorry that you're leaving Craig...who am I going to watch with my breakfast cuppa now? mysmilie_1436

But its only right that you are going to be with your wife at last and wish you both all the very best. Am sure the US audience
will take to you like we have, you will be like a breath of fresh air, I'm sure.

Just one thing Craigy boy, can you tell us your wife's name...I've never ever heard you mention it? :3:

Hope you sell plenty of Aquamarine in the US auctions. mysmilie_1537

Sacha xx
I just love gems tv. But it won't be the same without Craig. Take care and all our love and best wishes go with you...... please come back and visit gemstv uk from time to time.... just for a couple of daft jokes and soppy songs. I'll need my fix of jaw aching giggles. xxx
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Byee Craig i'll miss your humor and naughty comments always made me giggle. Good luck with your move to the US
Sad to see you go Craig being from Birmingham myself i love your humour you always make me laugh, all the best across the pond x
Goodbye and Good Luck Craig! You've made me laugh out loud many times and I've always enjoyed your intelligent and thoughtful presenting style! Hope all goes well for you and your wife in the US!
Awwwwwwww my favourite presenter and a true gent.

Craig I'm going to miss you but wish you all the very best in the US - just don't go getting a weird accent on us!

Meesh xxx
Good Luck Craig on you're move the the USA, sorry to see you leave though, every luck & happiness for the future Craig.
Craig,funny,entertaining,enthusiastic and knowledgable but always professional.We'm gonna miss ya bab.
Hope they appreciate you over there,have you really got a wife?
All the very best Craig, my favourite presenter on Gems, your departure will leave a big gap there. Hope you are very happy in your new life.
will miss you craig had some good laughs with you presenting
Good luck health and happiness in the USA
Lorra lorra luv! chucks.
A joy to watch and the channel will have a lot less sparkle now he's hoofed it over the pond. :SOB: America's gain is our loss but I wish him all the luck in the world and a very happy and successful future out there with his wife. :pPC:

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