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Jun 25, 2008
hi all dont know if this is of any interest but just received an email.

GemsTV Announcement – Presenter Craig is to leave GemsTV UK for GemsTV USA.

We wish Craig all the very best in his new job, and know that he'll continue to delight and impress the American viewers with his unique style of presenting!

So any fans will have to tune in into gemstv usa .
Ahhhhh, so that's why we haven't heard from Diamond Lyn lately. She must be packing! :lol2:

Good Luck Craig in your new job. Hope you have a blast in the US of A!
Good Luck for your future Craig, you will be missed here I enjoyed watching you
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Just read Craig's message on the website i didn't know his wife worked for Gems USA!

The future for me is not too dissimilar to the past though. Nevada, America is my next stop and Gems TV USA. Some of you may be aware that my wife presents for our sister channel in the USA

Good luck Craig and hope you enjoy USA x
:1:Bon Voyage will be missed...
Hope you have a fantastic new life in the USA, good luck in your new job too.

Dont go forgetting us all over here Craig! you can still post a message to us all, here at and let us know how you are doing from time to time!?hope you will!?

It will be very sad indeed to see you leave in the New Year!:17:

Best wishes & good luck Craig,:41:

Mirabelle xx:40:

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