Craft week


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Now I know why it has bben a craft show when I have switched over this week.
It is soooo boring! Luckily they have some fashion at 3pm today which kept me satisfied :D;)
What a load of rubbish craft week has been
All slap and stick

Cards already so decorated whats the point

Can they be done under trades discription or something it was advertised as CRAFT week...............where was the CRAFT bit, it was all paper and card with a bit of glitter, pens, glue etc

When will they give us some real craft, something to challenge real crafters.

Okay keep some novice stuff, it sells of course. But please please give us something else

Found the whole thing boring boring boring, taped a few shows watched at fast speed and then deleted,

or is it just me?
No it's not you, there's me as well. I was trying to work out what was wrong with most of the stuff I saw when you said it uptheferrets, everything is already so decorated there is nothing you can do with it.

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