Craft Overkill


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Jun 24, 2008
Anyone else think that both IW & QVC are putting far too many Craft hours/weekends on ? I am fed up watching the same old rubbish being recycled time and time again. I am also sick of Steph and Dawn Bibby. PLease, shopping channels, give us a break. And before anyone says I do not have to watch, my wife is a crafter, who watches the lot when possible :sweat:
Because your wife watches everything it doesn't mean you have to.....does it?

Go and do something you like.....or take up a new hobby, I've heard Teabagging is popular with men :22:
Just think yourself lucky that your wife isn't a jewellery fanatic who wants to watch all the jewellery shows, because if she was then you really would have something to moan about!

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