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Jun 26, 2008
Does anyone have any idea what the next craft day tsv, on Sat will be?

I have'nt seen any hints anywhere, someone must know?
I've just posted the same question on Craft Telly. There's not even been a sniff of what it may be yet.

Christmas in July??

I would guess as it will be 26th July that it will be the first of this years Christmas Card sets. X
80 Embellished Christmas Card Kit with Envelopes and Embellishments. Includes:
1x Cardmaker's Christmas Personal Shopper Booklet containing:
88 Papers with over 600 matching art pieces.
Incorporates 80 Christmas card ideas including shaped cards, shaker cards engineered cards and more. A mix of Traditional (red and green tones), Whimsical (blue/lilac/white tones), and Contemporary designs (red/black tones).
80 x White Envelopes (18cm x 13cm)
80 x White Cards (16.5 x 12.5cm).
1 x Pack of Iridescent Glitter
1 x Pack of Red/Burgundy Poinsettia
1 x Pack of Metal Embellishments, (Holly leaves, Flowers, Snowflakes)
1 x Pack of Metal Christmas Brads (Trees, Stockings, Poinsettia and more)
1 x Pack of Metal Christmas Brads (Santa Hat, Candy cane and more)
1 x Pack of Metal Christmas Brads (Snowflakes, Arrows, Teacups, Musical Notes and more)
1 x Bag of Metal Christmas Brads (Santa Hat, Candy cane and more),
1 x Teacups, Musical Notes and more)
1 x Bag of Metal Christmas Brads (Santa Hat, Candy cane and more)
1 x Pack of Patterned Christmas Brads (Gingerbread Men, Presents, Stars and more)
1 x Pack of Large Metal Embellishments: (Reindeer, Bauble, Snowman, Noel and more)
1 x Pack of Large Round Brads
1 x Pack of Multi Colour Brads (Round and Square brads is small/medium sizes)
1 x Pack of Buttons/Star Brads
1 x Pack of Embellishments (Hanger, stars, buttons, rhinestones, white threads)
1 x Pack of Cord and Snowflake Tags
1 x Bag of 12 Plain Grosgrain/organza ribbons. (Approx. 32cm in length)
1 x Bag of ribbons in assorted patterns, colours and fabrics (patterns include: tartan, sports, Snowflakes, Musical notes, swirls and more. Fabrics range from: organza, grosgrain, satin, lace and more). Approx:32.5cm
1 x Bag of Felt Snowflakes, Poinsettia Flowers and Leaves
1 x Pack of safety clips and Metal Tab
1 x Sheet of Clear Acetate (20cm x 16cm)
1 x Sheet (of 19) Christmas.

Word has it it could be this, sounds very like a Hot off the Press kit to me.
Christmas in July? Do me a favour, it's far too early :mad:

If you are going to make a lot of handmade Christmas cards then it's not too early. Leaving them until the last minute and trying to do them in a frantic rush takes the pleasure out of making them. Yes I am speaking from experience.
You see are the first to get the TSV - which will now be copied over every craft forum in the land! LOL

Another Cheer for Craft Telly from me, too. If you want the fast track on Craft TSVs, PODs, Bargains, etc , then come on and join (or rejoin) ST's naughty little sister, (to misquote Tova) :D

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