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Jun 24, 2008
I remember Country Casuals from the 70's and 80's, and my mum used to aspire to shop there but I think she only ever bought one item ever and it cost a bliddy fortune. I thought they'd disappeared long ago, sometimes see a few bits in charity shops,and they're still at a price! What surprises me about what IW are offering is the ridiculous prices of the accessories.....£26 for a plastic necklace ffs, there's really no need to pay that sort of money for junk jewellery!

The stuff's pretty frumpy, though some of it is very smart, though Julie looked stunning in the red shift dress and jacket, and I'm loving the mock croc belt...but again, for £28 I'd want more than a bliddy belt!
Hideous, Hideous, Hideous!!!!

and don't start me on that Flexees shapewear either today, the model looked absolutely No different in the after shot and I thought they had gotten it wrong or something! And Dennice bless her, standing there, size 20 if she's a 10, sorry size 16 <bitch over with> saying how wonderful she looks when she still looks exactly the same as yesterday!!

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