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Nov 16, 2008
I was looking at buying a set of Cook's Essentials Saucepans, partly because I have had a good look in the shops and can't find anything comparable in variety or price to this set. Debenhams have had some good sets in their sale but they are all saucepans - and don't include a saute pan or stockpot.

I've read the reviews and the majority of them are good, however, I thought I would ask the experts on here, have you bought any cook's essentials saucepans? Are they any good?
I brought the buffet pans and loved them and still use them so I brought a saucepan set. I have since chucked them all out as they were hopeless. The non stick in them is diffeent to the buffet pans and started to wear off around the rim after a few months. Also they say you can use metal utensils which is absolute rubbish, yes you can but they leave awful marks on the pans which ruin the look of them.

Personally speaking I don't rate them and I really did look after them. I now have a set from BHS and they perform much better.
My out-laws love their CE pan set; they've had theirs for a year or two now. This set looks better than theirs as it has covered handles. The outlaws' pan set has plain metal handles which get hot on the hob. HTH.

Jude xx
I think some of the pans are great, but would only go for ones that handles remain cool - either the Technique range or the ones with silicone covered handles. I had a regular set but it was a nightmare with the handles becoming hot (why on earth would a saucepan be made where the handles get hot from being on the hob?!!)....anyway, the ones with the stay cool handles are great.
I really like my CE pans, I've got 2 saucepans and 2 frying pans with stay cool handles and glass lids. Nothing ever sticks and they clean up really easily. I use them all the time, no problem.
i read somewhere on the internet that meyer make cooks essentials pans for qvc. when this range was first launched in america they sold tens of thousands in a very short airing.
i have the black techniques set which i love to bits.
regarding the handles if you look at professional chef pans they have metal handles so that the pans can be put in the oven at a high heat to finish the food.
i like this idea as i use the shallow pans as cake tins and baking tray for small items.
non stick pans i am afraid dont last like good old fashioned pans because of the design but these are nice pans. my daughter has the steel ones nd loves them so much.
good luck with your choice and they do have a lifetime guarantee!
I was going to get some CE pans but ended up getting some from ProCook instead. I got their anodised pans and would recommend them. Speedy delivery as well. HTH
The only non-stick pans I have found that do not flake are Tefal and George Foreman Grill type items.

I prefer non-stick for frying pans & stainless steel for other pan type cooking,
Well I have had quite a lot of the 500 range for a number of years but this was prior to the silicone handles which sound a good idea.

Regarding the handles, as pointed out above this is so they can go in the oven and really for me this is part of the beauty. I regularly start things on the stove and then put in the oven - this revolutionised my cooking when I switched to these from a previously wooden handled expensive set I owned. Plus all of mine are used as casserole, baking trays, etc because they cook and clean much better than there purposely designed counterparts!

Personally I have never had a problem with the handles getting hot on the stove and the only times would have been if I had mistakenly turned the gas up to high (so it went up the sides of the pan rather than under it) or misplaced the pan over the gas (ie not central).

Anyway QVC let you try them for 30 days yes? :)
Thanks to everyone for their contribution. :clapping:

I am going to get them, probably with the silicone handles, but not too bothered if without as am used to stainless steel pans and quite like the idea of not worrying about the oven temperature if using them in the oven.

I've looked up there are the following tsvs/specials coming up in the next month and hopefully QVC will do a special offer on one of the sets.

In the Kitchen TSV 16/7/09
In the Kitchen TSV 20/7/09
Cook's Essentials 2 hour show 2/8/09
Cook's Essentials TSV 12/8/09

If anyone can do any digging on the CE TSV on the 12/8/09 I'd be really grateful.
I really like the pans as well... but the metal handles are an issue ~ especially if you forget! I put mine in the dishwasher, they come out like new .....
And as others have said before they do not last forever ~ the non-stick does break down after a while especially on the frying pans (but saying that it could be me with the heat too high!).
I really like the pans as well... but the metal handles are an issue !).

I must have been doing something wrong all these years because mine are fine! Are those of you with problems also cooking on gas or not?

Anyway just want to add a bit of balance.
Thanks again for all the input. The 5 piece set is on 4 easy pays today, so I have just bought it. :sun:

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