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Jun 24, 2008
cook's essentials Cookie Decorating Gun & Accessories
Item Number: 827302
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Make baking cookies a cinch, and fun as always, with this cook's essentials cookie set. It's a one-handed battery-powered push-button tool that will decorate your cookies perfectly. It comes with two interchangeable barrels - one for jumbo cookies and one for traditional cookies. You'll also get 10 large cookie discs and 15 traditional cookie discs with 10 decorating and filling tips for desserts, appetisers and entrees. Plus you'll get two cookie sheets made from aluminised steel, each measuring about 22cm x 33cm (8.6" x 12.9"). Batteries included.
saw this being demoed broke down mid way....useless

Was just mid way through a thought sentence of 'Ah, now that could be.......', when I scrolled down a little further & saw your post!
Thought cut short! Cheers Boffy, that's another 12 quid safe! :up2:
hi just woundering if anyone brought this and if it was any good as i still have mine on cheque hold thanks

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