Cooking challenge? Is this fair?


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Jun 24, 2008
Like many of you I have just received this from QVC:
Vote for your favourite presenter recipe

Posted: 07 Apr 2009 09:34 AM PDT

In preparation for the premiere show of Weekend Kitchen on Saturday at 12pm, five brave presenters showed off their culinary skills in The QVC Cooking Challenge.

Daniel, Kathy, Craig, Debbie and Claire were*given the same*ingredients and*one hour to rustle up*a delectable dish.
Ingredients Butternut squash Red and white onion Mixed peppers Chicken fillets 1 potato Ricotta cheese Watercress

With two weeks notice to come up with a winning recipe, let's see*who*cooked up*a dish to*win your vote..."

Nice idea and a challenge I'm sure. (I'm on a Mac so can't watch the videos) but to include Daniel? Mr 'with 8 years of experience as a television chef'?
Talk about salting the competition ... no pressure there, then for Kathy, Craig, Debbie and Claire.
I agree with Mrs J! I couldn't give a pancake toss either! :4:

However, it does appear to me at least, that QVC are aware that their customers aren't taking Daniel to their hearts as they had hoped and so by laying on a competition that he should(only due to experience) win, it might be seen as a way of making us think that he is better than we first thought and get us to "warm" to him..

Just my opinion mind you, I might be wrong but does sound a little suspicious to me.

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