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Jul 9, 2008
Sharon from Prezerve had a gorgeous top on with Julia at midnight and then last night at 6.00p.m for silver day. How can I find out where she bought it.
I think if you contact CS maybe they can help!!!

Good luck! I've seen Claudia wear some stunning tops in the past...... not one of them sold at QVC tho!!!!!! :35:
You could email the show or call the studio line and ask i done that before about a ring you dont have to go on air i would never have the guts to do that no matter how much i wanted to know the question. Hope that helps you.
Has there ever been a stunning item of clothing sold on QVC?....Ever... I'm not being sarcastic I really want to know. I don't watch it much and it's always pretty horrendous clotheswise when I do. Maybe I've just missed the good shows.....
If it was a presenter you could probably post a question on their blog and they might be able to answer it - or at least point you in the right direction.
I remember someone on Gems wearing a jumper that I loved so I texted in. She said she wasnt allowed to say where she bought it but that it was a chain of shops that started with W and ended with E. After a bit of banter with the crew, it emerged that it was Warehouse!!


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