Conspiracy theory ahoy!!!


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Aug 3, 2008
Is it just me, or is all this FlexiPay a little weird, that coupled with the free C+C memberships.....

My theory and that of Mr Cheesecake is that they are trying to sell the channel, I read on here something like the company value is less than £10million now. If they can say to a prospective buyer "hey we already have 2 months worth of this and that money to come in to start you off" and "hey look at these figures for C+C members" it might make a bag of poo look more promising.

interesting theory CC....i just think they are desperately clutching at any straw that will bring customers in. Having said that, QVC are going overboard on the easy-pay at the moment so i guess times are hard for everyone. But at least the latter has stuff we might want to buy.
Very interesting theory may have something there.

However, I think QVC have always done a lot of easy pays leading up to Christmas but agree there has appeared to have been more this year. As Mrs James points least they have stuff we want unlike IW.

I know that IW are having a lot of problems at the moment, but most really seem to be self inflicted. I mean why are they deliberately trying to loose viewers? What else could be behind the attempts to bore us to death with the same shows over and over again! The constant bombardment of 4 day deals, block busters, etc.

Why are they treating their supplies so appallingly and sit back and watch their main supplies leave by the bus load?

Answers on a postcard please.....:52:
I think you could be right cheesecake...the channel is no lomger worth a great deal, even less with the global "blockbuster" crunch....maybe another reason they have no new suppliers, apart from the odd ( very ) on off`s.

I can see JML buying it over as they are now doing a great number of their products.
It does not help your cash flow, you need the money now,not over a 3 month period?
This type of promotion does not help IW as they will have to buy the goods
before they get all the money in from the customers.

I cannot see the suppliers waiting 4 months before they get paid!
i think they could get as much as woolworths (reportedly £1) but the £10 million p&p will kill the deal as it will takke 9 months to deliver.
I don't like the idea of IW being able to dip into my credit card account for 3 months.... it's bad enough running the gauntlet for only one payment, anything else and I couldn't take the stress.

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