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Jun 19, 2009
the lake district
don't know if i'm having a 'blonde' moment or if the title to this yankee candle set and the detailing are 2 different things? :tongue2:

title says 'yankee candle set of 2 large and small autumn leaf tubes with 12 tea lights' fair enough i thought, then read the deyails which say 'a yellow glass holder in large and small, an orange glass holder in large and small and a brown glass holder in large and small' then reading on it says 'with this you'll get 12 cinnamon stick tea lights, 12 autumn leaves tea lights and 12 sandlewood tea lights'

so, do you get all 3 sets for 1 price or is it going to be a choice? :flower:

any light thrown on this would be most welcome. :clapping:
I sometimes find QVC's descriptions a bit confusing too. The choice is dark brown or orange. So what scent corresponds with what colour?:thinking2:
yes, i agree. they could have worded it along the lines of ' with the brown tubes you receive 12 cinnamon tealights. . .' etc. :tongue2:

will have to just watch and see what happens when they present it. :flower:

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