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Ok. I confess. It was me. It was. There's no going back. I'm skint now.

WHAT? Oh yes, sorry, you need the story!!!

For the old timers, do you recall about 2 years ago, GemsTV introduced some one-off pieces of Rubellite / Paraiba and stuff set in 14k white gold? At that time, I had a great deal from Steve A on my stunning Rubellite pear shaped ring but couldn't get a deal on a matching pendant that I lusted after. At nearly £700 I just couldn't justify buying it.

Well the poor little pendant has been going round and round the web (a bit like those alex earrings that nobody wanted) so I've been giving it a home in my basket every now and again to keep it feeling loved.

THEN ................ pay day week and 15% discount. Ooooo, that means (gets out calculator) £585.

Oh gawd. To a blingaholic that's like covering me in jewels and saying don't look! :11:

Look what arrived today .............. 9.9ct of Brazilian Rubellite. IMVHO a perfect match for my ring AND rivals any of the lovely Shimoyo being shown on Rocks at the mo ............ sorry Gav!

At what point do you think I should tell the family that they're on beans on toast for 2 months? Anybody got any receipes to make baked beans exciting?

Am having a debate whether it should be a keeper (only because of the price) so your esteemed opinions are needed.

Now for the piccies .............


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but of course its a keeper its beutiful and if you dont keep it you will forever be sorry i am sure you deserve to treat yourself and the kids wont starve with beans on toast put some cheese on it one day an egg another,endless things you can do,and dont forget there are beans with sausages ,with bacon,black pudding the choice is endless enjoy and congratulations on a wonderful piece of bling
Brilliant match - the stones look as if they probably came from the same parcel of rough.

The proportions of the cuts compare very nicely as well

I don't think you can send that back

Apologies to the family for helping to lead you astray - um - aren't baked beans supposed to be good for you?!

I also admit to feeling guilty because I've just splashed out on a pear cut Majestic Emerald pendant to match a ring that I already had - glad to hear I'm not the only offender this week!
A match made in heaven...beans on toast can be quite nutritional :54:. I also have been keeping an eye on a pendant which I would love, but alas will never be able to keep...not at the price Gems TV want anyway...

Strange how it is described as 'pink tourmaline' and they've set it in 9ct me it's just as good as the Shimoyo rubellite on Rocks & Co. and much more pleasing to the eye than their £3999 offering, IMO.
Bee yoo ti ful

You did give us a hint that you were keeping a quiet eye on a web item...until the price was a bit more palatable. I did wonder
what it was....but being a discreet bod...refrained from asking in case someone else was alerted to the piece! :21:

In fact I have been looking at the Rubellite section meself and currently have half an eye on a piece, but to me its stone is rather nicer than the setting.

Anyway, back to your new acquisition.........its a stunner and huuuuge! And as GC says, don't they look a perfect match?
The colour intensity is lovely and I'm sure that the two pieces when worn together will look superb.

What is John Scott now saying on R&C.......femininity, assertiveness, spiritual, sexy, can't go wrong! :7:
Jantac's little guilt trip

Rubbish mobile phone pic 'cos The Apprentice is about to start so I can't be bothered to go and dig out my camera!

Pear shaped pendants are great


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Meesh - its a keeper hunny - if you did send it back you'd kick yourself now wouldn't you eh!

Now beans on toast with butter. Beans on toast without butter. Beans on toast with brown sauce and butter, beans on toast with a little added BBQ seasoning, beans on toast al-fresco (if we get a nice day of course) burnt beans on toast (that ones easy if a nice bit of bling appears on the web!) ermmmmmmmm I'm getting stuck now!

Go for it - its a perfect match!
Wowser Meesh, you obviously need to keep it the match is perfect. You do realise your ring would pine if you took its soul-mate away...?!
To add to the beans debate - don't forget how many different kinds of bread you can use for the toast! Wholemeal, white, granary, french...
And well done to Jantac too, another fab match (both equally!!!)
Meesh! Your not seriously considering sending that back?! Hang your head in shame young lady! That looks a definate keeper to me, and a fab looking set if you don't mind me saying so! :)

I'm doing okay on my beans diet since my splurge Meesh, although I do live alone. Not sure what kind of a <a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" alt="" border="0"><img border="0" src=""></a> a whole family will produce, and I definitely wouldn't fancy <a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" alt="" border="0"><img border="0" src=""></a> but it'll be worth it.

Argey xx
Definitely a keeper. I sent back a couple of things over a year ago when I thought the credit card was overloaded. I still wish I hadn't, and they were just solo pieces, with no soul-mate waiting for them at home.

Just plain beans on toast should do it, so long as you wear the rubellites when you serve them up, so that the family know that it was worth it :)

And if you sent back your pendant, would that mean that Jantaculum had to return hers as well? You obviously have to keep it, so that she can keep hers too!
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You guys crack me up! I never knew there were so many different things I could do with beans! Thanks to Argey for the reminder of the potential huricane problem but I reckon the free masks we're going to be distributed with to combat swine flu will arrive in time!

Jantac - gorgeous pendant hun. Please start a thread with more (clear!) photos and give us the stats. I love the colours and the match is gorgeous.

Huggles - interesting pink tourmaline link. I'm not sure what to think about that pendant. I once checked out a Rubellite where the picture was that colour and it was nowhere near when it turned up! I'd love to see pictures if you get it. It's not really Rubellite territory but I certainly wouldn't call that pink tourmaline based on the colour. It's a lovely (huge) tourmaline though at the end of the day :)

I'm still contemplating my navel on this one ........... I think it needs to live a la chez Meesh over the weekend to see if I get any closer to a decision!
That is one jaw droppingly gorgeous pendant Meesh:32:

It would be rude not to keep it imvho:D

In my long as Mum was happy everyone else was happy lol.......and if that means beans on toast then so be it!
If you send that back Meesh, I'm going to report you to the RSPCJ........... What do you mean there isn't one? Well there damn well should be! :hump:

You can't seriously be considering separating them, can you? You'll regret it forever if you do. :gasp:

Gorgeous, gorgeous pendant. wear it in good health hon, in fact look on it as an asset to your good health as you'll never catch swine flu with all the space you'll create around yourself after those beans! :scarper:
The only time I sent something back because I was feeling guilty about the amount I had spent (a Brazilian paraiba tourmaline ring), I have regretted ever since. In a few months from now those beans will be a distant memory, but that rubellite will still be safely tucked up chez Meesh next to it's gorgeous twin. If in doubt, you could always pawn another piece that you've gone off a bit to add the odd sausage or tomato as a special treat on Sundays!
No, no, no, you can't send it back Meesh. The ring and pendant belong together. :love:

I could take a couple of pieces off your hands - say your red diamond ring and colour change sapphire - just because I'm such a good friend! :hug: No? Oh well, it was worth a try ...:winksmilie:
There's a loose rubellite going around on TJC's web auctions. It's 5.99cts (don't know its measurements) and it's timing out at £606. It's IGI certified, but it's impossible to tell from the photo exactly what it's like re colour/clarity etc. If I found 9cts of the colour I love, with excellent clarity, in the shape that's exactly what I was looking for and already set in a way that complemented my existing jewellery, then I'd eat beans till Christmas if that's what it took :D
Oooooooh ,put them all on a diet,shop at the reduced section in tesco,ask for help at the Sally Army but don't send back that rubellite.

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