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black diamond witch
Jun 24, 2008
Here's some pictures of my new favourite piece of jewellery

This is the pendant that Katherine found for me after my first parcel went missing - and I'm so glad she did!

It's the marquise version of Tabs' pendant.

Fabulous prize woowoo
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Jantac, that's Yummy!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And a competition prize??? Fantastic!!!! Darn me and my slow typing!!!! Lol!!! Congrats, what a fab prize!!!!
Lovely piece,and it looks lovely on you.
Yes Katherine is really thoughful and helpful,she even emailed me last night when I thought she was off.To tell me she had sorted a problem for me.
Gorgeous Jantac, good health to wear.

Aren't Rocks CS just great? They know how to put their customers first.
Great comp prize, it looks lovely on you Jantac and suits your colouring.
Can I assume that's a gigantic piece of Citrine yellow gold?
Well done indeed.
Can I assume that's a gigantic piece of Citrine yellow gold?

I don't know what the stone is Sacha (no card) but I'm assuming it's yellow quartz rather than citrine because it's quite pale. I think that the only difference between yellow quartz and citrine is the depth of colour. It does go very well with citrine earrings:1:

It's not gold (that would have been amazing!) it's silver - can see why you thought that because it does look gold in the picture.

Bet you're glad the other went AWOL now.......

Lovely pendant...enjoy wearing it! :)

I too was lucky enough to win a prize a week or two ago and there was no card. I assumed the stones were lemon quartz too. Katherine told me that the prizes are samples and as such "one offs" so they cannot guarantee the sizes of the stones used.
That's odd, I can see it fine!
Ta for the reply Jantac.......had to go out after I posted earlier.

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