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Jun 26, 2008
Adrienne Cleasby has to be the worst cook ever ever ever!

Simon Biagi was in stitches trying to prompt her.

Who likes their poached eggs hardboiled? Not me, for sure.

she had some sort of upside down cake in the oven which she forgot about, and Simon had to rescue the burnt offering.

couldn't tell what it was she was cooking in the pressure cooker, whose pressure is so low you can open it when it is boiling!

And the spaghetti, she kept forgetting to stir in the pesto sauce. far too much spaghetti.

The Suits must have a sense of humour to keep her on.

You can sleep easy Nigella and Delia.
I can't watch her, she makes me nervous. I can never understand why they got rid of that lovely tefal lady.
I recorded it last night to watch this morning and I have to say, in her defence, it was Adrienne who directed Simon to the oven for the tarte tatin, it looked caramalised (which, I think, is what it is supposed to look like), but not particularly burnt.
Also I felt a bit sorry for her because I thought Simon kept interrupting her before she could make her points - as he sometimes does when he gets enthusiastic. He also seemed to be in a bit of a 'theatrical' mood last night, which I don't think was helping the seriousness of Adrienne's presentation.
I like both of them, by the way.
i don't really get adrienne at all...she says that she is the cookware/houseware expert but i have always felt that she has given herself that title after everyone else has chosen their speciality...and she is not that good at cookware at all. i have never seen her prepare anything that has looked even remotely tempting...and i do not even mean all the cakes she intended to burn...
I like Adrienne she is down to earth and cooks good robust food like casseroles etc. I will never forget the time she was demoing a pan and as she slid the food onto a plate she almost dropped it and made the startling remark ' Oh Fcuk' and my oh has called her that ever since.
she never used to as bad as she is now she seems to burn almost everything in sight "yes i let that burn to show how great the non stick is" yeah right yikes who wants hard boiled poached eggs I think she's better off with those space bags she couldn't burn them. I noticed she used to bang on about being a home economics teacher some years ago but have noticed she doesn't mention it much these days. I think they should have Jilly "easiyo" can't think of her last name.

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