Cold calls from TJC???


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Jul 4, 2008
Hi Everyone,

Hope you are all well. Just wondering if any of you had received cold calls from TJC letting you know about loose gemstone hours on? I have had a couple of these calls now and i find them really bizarre. They literally just call and let you know that a show is coming on that evening and then ring off. They dont offer a discount voucher or any incentive to buy. They always ask to speak to me instead of just giving the message to my husband.

I havent bought anything from TJC for a couple of months now so perhaps they are trying to drum up business.

Is anyone else getting these calls or is it just me?

Hi ksmyth, no I've not had the phone calls recently but I am getting regular emails and text messages about these shows, did once get a call months ago but asked them not to ring with sales calls as hubby works shifts so not had any calls since - think you are right though, think they are trying to drum up more business
I got a call a few weeks ago about a loose stones special that was on later that evening. I've bought some loose stones from them, and so just assumed I was on a 'loose stones database' of some sort. I thought it a little odd, but didn't really mind :)
I get emails about upcoming shows, which is strange as I've only ever bought a few items from them.


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