Clientele TSV Strange reaction


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Oct 31, 2008
Brecon Beacons National Park
Received my Clientele TSV about a week ago and eagerly dived in and tried everything. I've used the neck and night cream before and really liked them. However, after about 4 days of using everything, I've developed a horrible red itchy rash under the skin (looks sort of like rosacea). I've just dug out the Elemis SOS cream and slathered it on. Just wondering if anyone else has experienced anything like this? If so, any ideas which product may be causing it? I was thinking possibly the day cream with SPF which does seem very thick and almost an ointment consistency, or the estrolift wash which I think seemed to tighten my skin.

I'd be glad of any opinions. Thanks guys.
A lot of people on here really dislike the wash as they feel it very drying on their skin.

The only thing is to let your skin settle(great idea the SOS), then introduce each item one by one. You will find out for sure which it is. I have mild roseaca and could use the face cream without a problem. But everyone can be different. Or just send the whole lot back.
I have dodgy skin and the creams were all fine in the TSV but the wash caused the rash you described Mam.
I have only used the wash so far. No rash and it this one doesn't sting my eyes like the clear face wash does.

Hope you sort you skin out soon. Donna's advice is good.
Thanks ever so much guys. I'll sort out the rash with SOS cream and then introduce the creams one by one. I hope I can use them as I really like the ingredients of these.
clientele strange reaction

I had something like this reaction with the wash as it contains Sodium Laurel Sulphate,but the cream was ok when I used it.I useded Elemis Redness Relief to calm it dowm as I have very sensitive skin and facial psoriasis and this is a wonder product for me.
Best skin range I use all the timenow is A,kin rosehip oil and their mosturizer.Nonasty chemicals and works well.
sometimes something that does not cause any irritation is just pushed over your tolerance thershold and then causes a reaction...try to completly calm your routine down then start to add products back one at a time. give it a while between reintroducing new products and you should be able to work out where the sensitivity may be that the sensitivity passes and whatever is causing the problem will soon be able to be used again, so do not be too disheartened. good luck!

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